FRN and Facility Sign In for Public Inspection Files

A frequent question is how facilities sign in for the first time. Facility sign in requires a unique passcode that must be retrieved first by using the FRN (FCC Registration Number used to file applications and Children's Quarterly Reports).

  1. Contact the individual in your organization who manages the primary FRN with which your facility is associated.
  2. Have your FRN Manager go to and follow "Sign in using FRN and password" link to
  3. Your FRN Manager will see the facility id and passcode for each station.
  4. Your FRN Manager will provide you with your facility id and unique passcode.
  5. Use the facility id and unique facility passcode to sign in on the Facility Sign In page.

Managing Files added by the FCC

You have full control over the files in your Online Public File that have been added by the FCC. FCC will add the files you have already filed electronically via the Media Bureau's CDBS (now redesignated LMS) System or the Cable Bureau’s COALS System. You can control which files are seen by the public with the "In/Out" toggle sliders along the right. Click to mark a file "Out" and remove it from public view. Click to mark the file "In" and put it back into the Public Inspection File.

Drag and drop filing

Drag and drop is easy in modern browsers Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Click the orange Upload Documents button and then drag and drop anywhere on the page. If you are using IE, you will need to file documents one a time currently through the familiar file attachment method.

Using History and Recycle Bin

All your uploads and actions are tracked on the History page. Any file you delete is moved into the Recycle Bin. You can also recover files from the Recycle Bin. (No voiceover.)